What We Do

What We Do

We at ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE provide candidates with a unique Opportunity to pick up a skill in the shortest time and at the lowest cost There are 3 stakeholder segments in any candidate’s journey from education to employment. Namely the candidate, the employer and the training provider. In the current scenario all three stakeholders work in silos and do not complement each other. What we try to do is harmonize the efforts of all three to ensure that the candidate’s journey towards employment is smooth and short.

The work we do has a deep impact on both the individual and his/her family as it transforms the candidate from an unemployed youth to a productive and earning member of the society. This transformation has a direct impact on the candidate and his/her family. Apart from the financial gains the candidate also starts to earn respect in the society and within his family.

We work closely with the government under the Public Private Partnership model to train and skill candidates in job linked programs as part of the Governments Skill India mission.

Training Division is a unique concept envisaged by the ANGEL COMMUNITY The institute has commitment to Education Training & Development. It has well qualified Trainers and state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides motivated, skilled, technically sound and competent manpower to meet the Training needs of Corporate, Academic & Service Organizations.

In the 21st century, Training will become a Key Result Area across all institutions. Institutions which regularly impart training to their staff will be the institutions which will move forward and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

The advantages to the training provider are obvious in the fact that there is a great opportunity for large scale social impact and a huge addressable market. Some of the advantages to the candidates and employers are enumerated below:

The employer:

  • Access to trained manpower
  • Opportunity to shape the learning process of future employees by being a part of the process
  • Better performance of the company due to well-trained manpower. Shorter learning cycles for the employees which results in increased efficiency for the employers.
  • Education & Skill Development Centers providing affordable job oriented courses in the following Sectors.
  • IT and ITES
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Medical & Nursing
  • Soft Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Commerce
  • Electronics