Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation


Morning Assembly

  • All student teachers should be present in the college by 9:45AM
  • It is compulsory to attend the morning assembly every day which begins at 10.00AM
  • Late Coming is not at all encouraged

Uniform and Id

  • Male and Female student teachers should come in uniform on all days.
  • Male student teachers should have their shirts tucked.
  • Female student teachers should have their hair dressed decently.
  • It is compulsory to have ID on all days around the neck in the college premises.
  • On days when exempted to wear uniform.


  • Mobiles are strictly prohibited on the campus
  • Student Teachers who may come with cell phones should have the instrument switched off at the entry point itself, and keep it so till they leave the campus.
  • Mobiles will be confisticated if found to be used.


  • Student teachers should treat the faculty members respectably.
  • When ever student teachers move from one class to another they have to maintain silence as well as an orderly movement.
  • Student teachers are advised to handle the furniture in the classrooms smoothly and keep them safe and clean.
  • Student teachers are advised to keep away from the outside problems, if any, while coming to college or going from here.

Student teachers are advised to keep up the name of our Institution in all public places where in they may be present.

Cleanliness and Neatness

  • Neat and Clean class rooms are recognized and appreciated.
  • Dustbins are placed in all class rooms and labs. Student teachers are required to make use of them.
  • Student teachers should come neat in proper stipulated dress to attend college and other college functions.

Leave Taking

  • Student teachers would be granted leave only after verification of the genuine of the reasons stated.
  • Prior permission must be obtained before taking leave.
  • After the leave one should inform the principal and then only can enter the classroom.

Computer / Language Lab

  • Computer cum Language Laboratory are facilitated with 20 computers managed with a server, LAN and WAN networks with 8 hours power back-up, offline resources for language, personality development, movies and education.
  • All the 100 student-teachers are divided into 2 groups and each group is trained in rotation in handling the MS-office, preparation of learning packages and downloading on-line materials.
  • The institution equipped with 30 computers with headphones, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Commerce and soft skills CD-ROMs.
  • The student-teachers are encouraged to use the ICT materials for their individual learning and to develop teaching-learning materials for the internship.


  • To make the teacher acquire relevant knowledge and skills in pedagogical methods
  • To prepare teachers to become role models in class rooms to be the instruments for building productive citizens of our nation.
  • To enhance the competency of the teachers at upper primary, secondary and higher secondary levels of education.
  • To create a comprehensive understanding about pedagogical methods in organizing learning experiences for
  • To develop the latest skills required for teachers in organizing instructional methods using ICT.
  • To conduct coaching classes exclusively for competitive exams like Nursing Staff Selection Exam, SSC, and
  • To motivate the students to use the DELNET Facilities in our Modernized Library.
  • Our faculty members are motivated by the management to do their Doctor’s, and Ph.D. degree.
  • The goals set by the college are also achieved through curricular and co-curricular activities like organizing or participating in the national and International seminars, workshops, personality development programs like Citizenship camp, Training programmes, First Aid camp, departmental tests and students extension

Computer Laboratory

  • The backbone of ACC has a well-equipped computer
  • The students could avail the Internet facility on demand. They need to book in advance for availing this facility on a first come first served basi
  • The students should enter the lab only during their practical clas Apart from the allotted time, if a student wants to access the lab, he/she has to get a written permission from the principal.
  • A written permission from the principal is required to install new software in the system
  • Students are not allowed to take print outs without prior
  • Students are not allowed to enter the lab with the footwear.
  • The stools/keyboard/mouse/interactive console should be put back in order after use.
  • Strict silence has to be observed by the students in the lab.
  • If there is any problem with the facilities, immediate reporting to -principal must be Students are discouraged from solving the problem independently
  • Students can not delete or modify any file/files or directory/directories installed.
  • No computer games from any source, either hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM, Internet, at any time in the lab.
  • Students should not view, print, copy or download photography and phonographic materials in any form.
  • Unauthorized Study CDs, Pen drives etc. are not allowed into the lab. The students are allowed to save their work in the server only.
  • The students from their systems shall delete no files.