Roles and Responsibility

Role and Responsibilities of College


Overall Great Academic Organization

  • Cleanliness of the campus.
  • Welfare of the students
  • Overall co-ordinators of different clubs (subject clubs, environ club..)
  • Overall organizers of various functions of the colleges in consultation with staff and students
  • Maintenance of male and female lounges
  • Proper conduct of daily assembly

Activities of the student council

  • Citizenship Camp
  • Sports Day
  • Educational Tour
  • College Day
  • Important Days Celebration
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Rules & Regulation

  • All student teachers should be present in the college by 9.45AM
  • It is compulsory to attend the morning assembly every day which begins at 10.00AM
  • Late Coming is not at all encouraged.

Uniform and Id

  • Male and Female student teachers should come in uniform on all days.
  • Male student teachers should have their shirts tucked.
  • Female student teachers should have their hair dressed decently.
  • It is compulsory to have ID on all days around the neck in the college.
  • On days when exempted to wear uniform


  • Mobiles are strictly prohibited on the campus
  • Student Teachers who may come with cell phones should have the instrument switched off at the entry point itself, and keep it so till they leave the campus.
  • Mobiles will be confisticated if found to be used.



  • Student teachers should treat the faculty members respectably.
  • When ever student teachers move from one class to another they have to maintain silence as well as an orderly movement.
  • Student teachers are advised to handle the furniture in the classrooms smoothly and keep them safe and clean.
  • Student teachers are advised to keep away from the outside problems, if any, while coming to college or going from here.
  • Student teachers are advised to keep up the name of our Institution in all public places where in they may be.

Leave Taking

  • Student teachers would be granted leave only after verification of the genuine of the reasons stated.
  • Prior permission must be obtained before taking leave.
  • After the leave one should inform the principal and then only can enter the classroom.

Cleanliness and Neatness

  • Neat and Clean class rooms are recognized and appreciated.
  • Dustbins are placed in all class rooms and labs. Student teachers are required to make use of them.
  • Student teachers should come neat in proper stipulated dress to attend college and other college functions.